Paradise Valley Springs

Te Waireka (Sweet Water) Spring 


Imagine crystal-clear, pure water that you can drink straight from the bubbling spring!

Paradise Valley Springs has its own natural freshwater spring, Te Waireka (meaning Sweet Water).  Flowing from deep underground at a rate of 60 litres every second, this pure water provides a never ending supply to our trout pools, coffee shop and water bottling plant.

Taste pure New Zealand water from Te Waireka spring, and take some bottled water away with you for friends and family to taste.

Long ago, before European settlement, local Maori tribes would bring their battle wounded warriors to Te Waireka spring to drink, as they believed these waters had healing qualities.  Ancient history also connects Te Waireka to one of New Zealand’s most famous Maori love stories: The legend of Hinemoa and Tutanekai.

Scientific testing showed the water from Te Waireka spring to be of a very high quality with excellent mineral contents.  In 2003 a small bottling plant began producing bottled water. 

The Spring Water bottled on site at Paradise Valley Springs is a first for Rotorua and viewing windows enable visitors to observe the bottling room.  'Paradise Pure' Spring Water is available for purchase from Paradise Valley Springs shop and at selected outlets in Rotorua.  Ask us about our discounted bulk purchase offers.


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