Paradise Valley Springs

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Hear the birds sing!

At Paradise Valley Springs, you can often see and hear the wild native New Zealand birds; Bellbirds, Tui, Fantails, Tomtits, and many more.  You will also spot introduced European Yellow Hammers with their bright yellow colouring, and markings similar to the Sparrow.

We have a wild pair of Kereru (native wood pigeons) named Ma and Pa who live at the park year round, and many more call our park home during Springtime.  

Look out for our free-ranging pukekos, who enjoy a good scratch and will never say no to pellets.  Also take a moment to look around when you are visiting our Lions - you will often see Kingfishers just above the Lion area and also Blue Herons high in the trees above with their distinctive sqwark.

Extensive predator control within our park and surrounding areas helps keep our slice of Paradise a little safer for our wild feathered occupants.  Stoats, rats, weasels, possums, cats and hedgehogs prey on birds, including their eggs and nestlings. If you want to keep the birds flourishing, controlling pests is a must, especially prior to the breeding season in late winter/early spring. Setting traps, and laying poisons (toxins) in bait stations are suitable methods of control.  

Learn more on the Animal Pests pages of the Department of Conservation website.




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Paradise Valley Springs