Paradise Valley Springs

Our Environmental Policy


How we care for New Zealand

At Paradise Valley Springs we work hard to support our beautiful country by undertaking a number of environmental actions.  Many of these you will not see, but some you may notice.

We aim to protect and promote New Zealand’s wildlife and natural habitats.  Our park is maintained in an environmentally sensitive way, which helps ensure native trees, insects and birds thrive, and that run-off from our property does not pollute streams and waterways.

Understandably, all businesses create environmental and social impact through their activities.  Ours is no exception.  In order to minimise our impact we try to ensure we use no more resources than our business requires.

We try to actively reduce any adverse effects through efficient use of electricity, water, packaging, office products and many other resources that we use.  We recycle as much waste as possible to help reduce air and land pollution, and reduce the amount going into our local landfill.

Qualmark (New Zealand tourism’s official mark of quality) awarded us Enviro-Gold status in late 2009




Paradise Valley Springs